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Hospital Shriners Para Niños

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Project Completed: 2006
Size: 311,000 SF

Built on a vacant property on the south side of Mexico City, the new 311,000-SF pediatric hospital offers full orthopedic services, including a surgical suite with four operating rooms, imaging, extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, and orthotics production unit. The inpatient beds are separated into four small units, each with age-appropriate play spaces and support services, and are situated for optimal views of the outdoors. The outpatient clinic is broken into three areas, enabling staff to accommodate the largest number of patients efficiently, while not intimidating small children and anxious families.

The building is designed with patient service and comfort in mind. The facility’s organization reflects the fact that its patients come from all regions of the country and regard the institution as a destination of hope. Upon arrival, patient and family members are immediately oriented towards a large landscaped courtyard that functions as an overflow waiting area, as well as a play area for siblings and a comfortable year-round gathering space. The building’s circulation on all levels rings this courtyard, reinforcing its importance and helping with visitor wayfinding.

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