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SLAM Accelerates Design & Construction with Unique 3D Customized Portal Solution

Witness the teamwork between SLAM + KHS&S + Studio and technology that helped to develop this custom wall solution in 3D, in rapid time. Named The Portal—this sculptural architectural design element is positioned at the heart of a newly opened medical outpatient clinic in Playa Vista, California. The creation combines several themes that are driving the design of the project, including the nearby protected marsh adjacent to beaches of Playa Vista; cutting edge technology to fit in with the local context of Silicone beach giants, such as Microsoft, Google, IMAX, Facebook, Electronic arts, and many more; as well as a nod to the aeronautical manufacturing history and home of the Howard Hugh’s aircraft, including the notable WWII Spruce Goose.

This portal was created using digital fabrication and computational design, adding these benefits to the process:

  • Exact prefabrication
  • Reduction in material waste
  • Improved Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Efficient assembly and installation
  • Reduced labor and scheduling

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