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Vassar College

Student Housing Projects

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Projects Completed: 2004-2010
Size: 202,000 GSF
Beginning in 2004, SLAM has been engaged in an ongoing relationship with Vassar, studying and improving the institution’s student housing stock. This has included an extensive master planning/programming effort for multiple residences, including five century-old buildings that comprise Vassar’s Quad Houses, and new construction of townhouses on a wooded campus site.
what mattered to the client
  • to understand how the results of the planning effort for the Quad Houses could be implemented within budget constraints
  • to rejuvenate, restore, and modernize historic Quad Houses with no loss of student beds or program space
  • to maintain the character of beloved, 105-year-old historic structures while modernizing and upgrading them to better serve the needs of present day students
outcomes-based design RESULTS
  • SLAM presented the College with multiple approaches to the improvements, from incremental to whole dorm renovations, allowing the College to determine what work was feasible and when.
  • The resulting multi-year construction program consists of a mix of incremental renovations and the complete renovation of Davision House, all of which have achieved the budgets set by our cost estimators over six years ago.
  • The renovations include the replacement of slate roofs and restoration of historic masonry, as well as total upgrade of all interiors and increased common space through improved efficiency.
  • In order to create swing space needed for renovation of Davison House, SLAM designed new townhouses that accommodated the additional beds and introduced new ideas in sustainable design (utilizing geothermal energy) and residential life programming (20-student co-op housing).
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