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University of Notre Dame

Campus Crossroads

Location: Notre Dame, IN

SLAM completed design of the University of Notre Dame’s largest building project in the school’s 175-year history. In 2013, a Feasibility Study was conducted, and planning/programming workshops were held to determine how the University could expand and improve upon the use of the iconic Notre Dame Stadium for gameday experiences as well as determining if and how the Notre Dame stadium could be transformed into a year-round hub for athletics, academics and student life.

During the Feasibility Study, the design team was tasked to incorporate student and academic functions together with athletics to create a dynamic destination throughout the year. The programs that were investigated included a new student activities center, academic space, a digital media/education facility, and public outreach facilities including conference and meeting spaces.

In addition, other factors were investigated including the project’s impact on existing utilities, power plant systems capacities, surrounding campus site context with the intent to create a secured perimeter to the stadium as well as the initial capital needs and funding plan options.

Comprehensive programming sessions were conducted with various UND stakeholders in order to identify and evaluate the most appropriate programs and uses for the facility. The agreed upon programs were then studied to determine space needs and relative adjacencies. Planning and fit studies were tested to efficiently compose buildings serving the diverse requirements of the various uses and events and evaluated for their impact on the existing campus infrastructure and finally evaluated by the construction specialists for cost impact.

Ultimately, the design & construction team developed concepts for three new structures that are adjacent to the stadium and total 750,000 SF of new space, including:
  • New Student Center
  • Career Center
  • Rec Sports & Fitness Area
  • Ballroom/Club Area
  • Trustee Club Area
  • Indoor/Outdoor Club Area
  • New Press Box & Game Day Operations
  • Lower Level Service Garage
  • Main Food Service Kitchen
  • New Scoreboard
  • Digital Media Center
  • Psychology Department
  • Anthropology Department
  • Club Areas
  • Working Press
  • Radio Media
  • The Music Department
  • Club & Event Space
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